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Officer Brandon Tatum on The Oakland Raiders Passing on Him | The Deal w/ Nissim Black

Nissim Black – Oct 18, 2021

BRANDON TATUM | Two Sides to Every Story


The Order of Man – Nov 30, 2021

Brandon Tatum: Bail reform ‘done in good faith’ has potential


Fox News – Dec 25, 2021

Ex-Police Officer Exposes the Reality of Being a Black Cop

 Rubin Report -Dec 5, 2021

Brandon Tatum | Police Podcast

Breaking Barriers United – Oct 22, 2021

Brandon Tatum: re-funding the police is not enough

Newsmax – Nov 9, 2021

The State of Policing in America, with Brandon Tatum

The Megyn Kelly Show -Dec 7, 2021

We Got SWATTED During The Livestream With Retired Cop Brandon Tatum

Timcast IRL – Jan 7, 2022

Brandon Tatum – Former Police Officer Weighs in on Kyle Rittenhouse, Self Defense, Abuse

Chrissie Mayr – Nov 22, 2021

NPA Report with Brandon Tatum, former police officer, public speaker, author: Beaten Black and Blue


National Police Association -Jan 1, 2022

Kamala Harris Compares Jan 6th To Pearl Harbor And 9/11 w/Brandon Tatum

Timcast IRL – Jan 6, 2022

2 Cops Who Love This Country | Brandon Tatum and Rafa Conde | Episode 151

Man of War – Aug 19, 2021